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Below are frequently asked questions and answers about insurance from AAA Healthcare

Q: What is the Marketplace?

In USA, the Health Insurance Marketplace is a web-based shopping experience that allows easy access to, and side-by-side comparison of health care products and services.

Q: Is this the same as

No, USA’s Marketplace is not the same as The federally facilitated exchange located at can provide subsidies to a small percentage of Floridians who qualify based on their income. Most USA residents are not eligible for the financial assistance offered by but are still required to have health insurance. We can help Floridians compare their public and private insurance exchange options.

Q: Does USA’s Insurance Marketplace have an essential set of benefits?

There are no mandates as to the products and plans offered in the Health Insurance Marketplace. However, our comprehensive health care offerings do include the essential health care benefits as required by law.

Q: What products and services are offered?

We offer comprehensive medical coverage, dental, vision, and more. Other insurance options and services that are helpful to employers such as payroll services and medical savings accounts may be offered in future phases. USA Heath Choices also offers private exchange services for employers, associations, insurers and agents.

Q: Who is eligible for coverage?

We serve individuals, families, children, and licensed professionals of the state of USA.

Q: Do you offer Kids’ Insurance or Child-Only policies for children whose parents may already have coverage?

Yes. We offer a variety of options that cover children only, whether or not their parents have coverage. If you are a USA Healthy Kids “full-pay” family, you have the option of shopping with us for kids’ insurance as well as for family or other individual coverage.

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